Should men ALWAYS pick up the bill?

Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me!

If you’d ask the ladies this question, they will definitely reply yes immediately! Except for some die-hard feminists LoL. If you’d ask the same question to men, they can list you a plethora of reasons why men ask for separate bills. This video illustrates perfectly a situation in which a man wouldn’t pick up the bill. So what does that tell us? Do men pay on a first date as a sign of interest? meaning if all goes well and he feels a connection then the woman deserves a ”free meal”? or perhaps this is simply an unequivocal sign that the man is not interested in pursuing any kind of relationship with this woman whatsoever?

What do YOU think? Gentlemen, do you pay no matter what? or maybe only on the first date? perhaps as of the second date? Ladies, do you expect men to always pick up the bill? What does that tell you if he doesn’t?

The Comments section below is awaiting your feedback :)

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